Supervision Central*2023-24 full, new dates for 2024-25*

Bev Gibbons and I are excited to share with you information about our upcoming new diploma in supervision which we been developing, delivering and refining for the past 5 years.

This course is for practitioners who are looking to develop, deepen and broaden their supervision practice. This course is for you if you are a counsellor, psychotherapist, social worker, community worker or if you are working in, or managing, any other profession linked to mental health.

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Learning Outcomes

The key learning outcomes from this course will enable you to:

  • Understand, critique and synthesise operational and developmental models of supervision
  • Crystallise your identity as a supervision and philosophy of supervision
  • Work with potency, creativity and vitality
  • Experience individual and group settings

About The Course

The course is rooted in humanistic philosophy and is based on the co-creative principles (Summers & Tudor, 2014) of:

  • We-ness
  • Present centred relating
  • Shared responsibility
  • Non-defensiveness about our defences (Summers, 2020)

We deliver a robust training experience that is unique in that this is the only Supervision course that is co-taught, and therefore brings the co-creative Supervision process to life. We offer an inclusive environment where you are encouraged to “come as your are” and celebrate  difference and diversity.

Co-teaching is a central element to the course. The learning encounter we offer emphasises mutual responsiveness and transformation.  We are social beings and as such, we fundamentally need an-other in order to grow and learn.  In these relational encounters,  we experience the disturbance of the other’s difference, which presents challenge and great potential for expansion and vitality.

Style and Course Structure

Our teaching style combines short didactic pieces of theory along with experiential exercises to stimulate the unconscious and creative process using symbolism and imagery.  We also offer space for small group and large group discussion and process and plenty of observed skills practice with constructive feedback.

The course is delivered online. The training will be taught over 4 modules comprising of two long weekends that lay the foundations needed to help you anchor your supervision practice, followed by two additional modules that will deepen and refine your learning.

Module 1: Coming Together 

  • Contact, forming and creating a safe space
  • Contracting framework theory and practice
  • Exploring the Landscape of operational models of supervision
  • Meta perspective and reflexivity
  • Ethical practice and safeguarding
  • Putting theory to practice

Module 2: Anchoring Identity

  • Exploring the Landscape of developmental models of supervision
  • Identity and role theory
  • Emerging identity and philosophy of supervision
  • Creativity, vitality and intuition
  • Deepening skills practice – challenge, risk and pitfalls

Module 3: Systemic Context

  • Theory and practice of group supervision
  • Intersectionality, oppression and power
  • individual vs. Group encounter in supervision
  • Group skills practice

Module 4: Synthesis

  • Revisiting co creativity
  • Trainee led focus
  • Consolidating identity and philosophy of supervision
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Endings – theory and process

Entry Criteria

  • CV and personal statement
  • 2 References endorsing your participation in this course – one from your existing supervisor
  • Over 500 hours of client hours
  • Minimum of 2 year post diploma level qualification


  • Observed practice skills during training weekends
  • Philosophy of supervision (3000 words) - Outline and critically evaluate your philosophy of supervision, including underpinning theories and the ethical framework within which you practice
  • Case study (3000 words) and 5 mins transcript – describe and critically evaluate how you have put your philosophy of supervision into practice, including a transcript of 5 minutes from your supervision practice linking to your chosen models
  • 30 hours of supervision practice
  • For every 6 hours of supervision practice you will be required to undertake 1 hour of supervised supervision with a BACP accredited, UKCP registered or equivalent, supervisor


We are registered both in the UK (UKATA UKCP) and internationally (EATA and ITAA) as trainers and supervisors. We have many years experience in supporting, developing and training supervisors .

The diploma is a Supervision Central Diploma, which is aligned to BACP & UKCP standards for supervision training, and as such it gives you an excellent foundation to begin your practice as a supervisor. The training can also be used towards meeting the criteria for accreditation in the UK. E.g. BACP accredited Supervisor, or PTSTA which is recognised by UKCP &UKATA, and internationally by EATA and ITAA.

Timings and Fee

The dates for 2024/25 are as follows, and will cost £1700.

Weekend 1: 6-8 September 2024

Weekend 2: 13-15 December 2024

Weekend 3: 1-2 March 2025

Weekend 4: 10-11 May 2025