A Journey of Change

Therapy effectively is a journey of change. Given the right commitment, energy and compatibility with your therapist, it can be life changing. It is focused on helping you to improve your well being, how you relate to others and helping you to live a more autonomous and satisfying life.

The process of therapy involves examining and changing unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. Unfortunately there are no magic wands, and the same way it takes time to create problems, it takes time to resolve them. It also takes courage, determination and may be uncomfortable and even painful at times. You will need to be an active participant in your change process; things will not change unless you change them. It is my experience that therapy is very successful for a wide range of symptoms from difficulties coping with the day to day to more serious mental health issues.


Initial assessment

We would arrange an initial mutual assessment session where we can meet and discuss your situation and expectations and work out whether this would be suitable for you. You will get a sense of how I work during this meeting, and also get a sense of whether I would be the sort of person you would want to work with. You need to feel relatively comfortable, safe and challenged.


All material discussed is strictly confidential.

In session you will be invited to talk about your situation, difficulties you may be experiencing or a particular goal you wish to achieve. I will be listening and asking questions to understand and enhance your thinking, your feelings, your behaviour and your way of relating to yourself and others. I will not tell you what to do or how to think; I would assist in identifying and making your own decisions, your own meaning and your own action plan to follow. We would also look into the process that is taking place between you and me (and your partner if appropriate) to gain further insight and identify areas of development and change.

In case mobility is an issue, Skype sessions are available. If you are Spanish or Hebrew speaking, you can speak in the language of your choice.


We would discuss frequency of sessions during regular reviews our work. Coaching tend to be a relatively shorter exercise of around six to eight weeks. Counselling can be similar length or longer, and Psychotherapy is a long term process.

In order to gain a momentum and make significant changes I would recommend having weekly sessions.


The overall length of time you will be in therapy depends upon the nature, severity and extent of your situation and the material addressed. The most important thing for you to remember is that it is determined by how long you want to take and at what pace. You may achieve the results you want in just a few weeks, or may choose to take your time. We would discuss length of sessions during regular reviews our work.


2 full working days prior to session no charge. (e.g. if your session is on Tuesday morning, cancellation required up to Thursday COB.

If you do not show up or forget to cancel you will be asked to pay for the full session.


Individual sessions cost £85. Couple sessions costs £95. (Price may increase based on country due to insurance)

Sessions are 50 minutes.